No come maíz pero le encanta la mazorca.

Camino con la sangre mal cuajada... prurito en las noches por tu sudor.


Bossu, Antonin, 1809-1898

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Anna’s 88 Butterfly
Diaethria anna

Done on white clayboard, inked, then scratched away.

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Bate que bate…. 

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Robert John Thornton / Philip Reinagle 

New Illustration of the Sexual System of Carolus von Linnaeus: And the Temple of Flora, or Garden of Nature (1807)

"Robert John Thornton was an English physician and botanical writer. After hearing Thomas Martyn’s lectures on botany and Linnaeus, he decided to practice medicine rather than his previously-chosen profession in the church.

New Illustration of the Sexual System of Carolus von Linnaeus is a three-part work, the third part (Temple of Flora) of which was intended to have seventy folio-sized plates. Work on the plates began in May 1798, and the first plates were engraved by Thomas Medland after paintings by Philip Reinagle. The plates were engraved in aquatint, stipple and line. 

The work, unfortunately, proved to be Thornton’s demise. The expense of the project drained his financial assets, and Thornton was unable to generate significant public interest in the work.

Only 33 color plates were completed between 1798-1807, and Thornton died in destitution.

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Ying Yefu.

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9 days


10 Award-Winning Microscope Images-BioScapes International Digital Imaging Competition

Olympus America Inc. is in the ninth year of sponsoring the BioScapes International Digital Imaging Competition. It honours the world’s most extraordinary microscope images of life science subjects.

The Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Competition recognizes outstanding images of life science specimens captured through light microscopes, using any magnification, any illumination technique and any brand of equipment. Each person entering can submit up to five movies, images, or image sequences (such as time lapse series)..Trout alevin

1.Trout alevin
2.Hydroid collected from kelp sample
3.Fruitfly ovaries and uterus
4.Live green brain coral (Goniastrea sp.), under water
5..Rotifer Floscularia ringens feeding
6.Young sporangia of slime mold Arcyria stipata
7.Tintinnid ciliate of the marine plankton, Petalotricha ampulla
8.Cross-section of bulrush (Juncus sp.)
9.Spherical colonies of Nostoc commune
10.Detail of a pod of flowering legume Scorpius muricatus

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DŁUBAK Zbigniew (1921-2005)

Untitled from the Asymmetry series

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